Sweetened Condensed Milk is cow's milk from which water has been removed, with sugar added. It is a very thick, sweet product which can last for years without refrigeration if not opened. Sweetened Condensed Milk is used in numerous dessert dishes.

It’s likely no surprise that our Sweetened Condensed Milk is dense in calories. After all, it is used as an ingredient in some very rich desserts. However, as far as sweets go, condensed milk has some redeeming qualities, namely, the nutrition that it derives from the milk solids it is made from. The key to enjoying Sweetened Condensed Milk as a part of a healthy diet is consuming small, measured portions.



sweetened condensed milk nutritional facts

Not surprisingly, one of the primary nutrients in condensed milk is calcium - 54 mg per tablespoon. Condensed milk also contains 36 mg of potassium, 5 mg of magnesium, 56 IU vitamin A and trace amounts of other vitamins and minerals.

A tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk contains over 10 g of carbohydrates, all of which are sugars. A 1 tbsp. serving of regular sweetened condensed milk contains almost 2 g of fat, according to the USDA. The fat in condensed milk is primarily saturated fat. Condensed milk is a better choice than cream, however, which contains 5.5 g of fat per tablespoon.

Sweetened condensed milk is a decadent treat, as it contains 62 calories for a mere tablespoon.



395g cans




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Gluten free Gluten causes health problems for those with gluten-related disorders

A gluten-free diet is a diet that excludes gluten, a protein composite found in wheat, barley, rye, and all their species and hybrids.

GMO free Most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe

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Vegan Vegans eliminate the use of animal products, particularly in their diet

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Dairy milk


Milk, enriched with vitamins A, C and D

Available sizes

395g cans

Storage conditions

Should be stored in a cool dry place.

Shelf life

2 years



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