It's about intangible assets.
Our people.

About LOC Industries

For the last 14 years LOC Industries have operated and grown on the strength of our intangible assets - our people.
Our multi-disciplinary team combines technological know-how and engineering expertise with vision, passion, inventiveness, and commitment to our clients, positioning us as an established global player in the supply chain and management of raw materials and industrial supplies, industrial machinery and spare parts, industrial engineering, and agro food ingredients.

Our clients see us as partners – we assist them with developing their businesses, their capabilities, their services and their products, including the design, engineering and project-management and construction or the renovation of industrial sites.

An important and sustainable competitive advantage we offer is the sincere and long-term relationships we develop with our clients and trusted sources.

LOC Industries - Where projects become reality.

Industrial Machinery

LOC Industries works with many major industrial brands to provide our clients with quality technical products, such as valves, couplings and controls, parts (including catering equipment spare parts for hotels and restaurants) and industrial equipment, pumps, compressors, motors, measuring and control equipment as well as parts and components for industrial machineries.

Industrial Engineering

LOC Industries’ provides mechanical, electrical and process engineering solutions as well as project management services. We excel at engineering procurement and project management services to a variety of industries including food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnological, water and environmental industries. We maintain the highest standards of quality and are committed to delivering projects and supplies on budget and on schedule.

Raw Materials & Industrial Supplies

LOC Industries is a leading supplier of natural, alternative and renewable fibers, textiles, papers, plastics, chemicals and metals.

Agro Food

LOC Industries’ sources food ingredients and trade food commodities (bulk) as well as packed products - including private label solutions. We provide food products such as sugar, oils, sweeteners, rice, pulses, corn, coffee, honey, sauces, salsas, dressings, fruit jams, marinades, snacks, canned foods, fish, seafood, meats and frozen foods (including fruits and vegetables) to retail, food service, restaurant, and industrial clients.

We're looking
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We rely on a large network of suppliers to provide the merchandise and solutions our clients need and expect.

We are constantly looking to expand our selection by establishing partnerships with new suppliers. We will be glad to hear from your company, and the products and services you offer.

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