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LOC Industries has created two brands, AgaveMad and Agave Canada, to increase general awareness of agave, one of our products.

In addition, we developed the Raisa's brand, through which we distribute a variety of healthy and delicious foods.

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AgaveMad, the inspiration and love-child of Sara Boyle, is a recipe website for those of us who love cooking and baking healthy and tasty food with Agave Syrup.

All our agave recipes are tested thoroughly to make sure they’re suitable for your kitchen at home.



At Raisa’s we source and supply foods that are healthy, nutritious and delicious. Inspired by sustainability and responsible development, our products are of the highest quality, free of chemicals and pesticides, and minimally processed for the benefit of your health and our environment.

At Raisa’s we encourage a healthy lifestyle that integrates raw, organic, wholesome and minimally processed foods that enhance your well-being, and support local and small farmers wherever possible.


Agave Canada

To the rescue!

In many ways agave syrup can be seen to bridge the gap between real and artificial sweeteners. While it has all the useful properties of real sugars, its lower glycemic index helps protect against health risks associated with higher glycemic sweeteners.

Since agave syrup is composed of real sugars (fructose and glucose) it performs well in cooking and baking. Agave syrup also matches refined sugars in other qualities, serving well as a browning agent, a humectant, a softener, and a preservative.