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Raw Materials and Industrial Supplies

LOC Industries is a leading supplier of natural, alternative and renewable fibers, textiles, papers, plastics, chemicals and metals. By establishing a long term relationship with our trusted sources, we are able to provide our clients with quality supplies, ensuring the required quantities and respecting the delivery schedules.

LOC Industries is a global provider in the paper and packaging industry (recycled and virgin). We market a full range of paper products as well as high quality containerboard and corrugated materials (printed or not).

We trade over 50 different grades of recycled paper, including the most common grades listed below.


Recycled Fiber Pulp, Hard White Envelope Cuttings, Hard White Shavings, Hard White Rolls, Ruled Computer Print Out, Coated Soft White Shavings.


Computer Print Out, Laser Computer Print Out, Laser White Ledger, Sorted White Ledger, Sorted Colored Ledger.


Light Print S.B.S., Medium Print S.B.S., Heavy Print S.B.S., White Form Ledger, Manifold White Ledger, Printed White Envelope Cuttings, Colored Form Ledger, Manifold Colored Ledger, Colored Envelope Cuttings, Colored Roll Stock.


Delivering large amounts of raw materials, products, equipments, parts and machines from continent to continent require know how and experience.
For more than 15 years, LOC Industries has been optimizing its supply chain management expertise. An expert execution of our supply chain strategies including inventory management, partner collaboration, operations planning, buying strategies and delivery schedules, has resulted in considerable savings for our clients in terms of improved cost efficiencies, faster time to market and faster product development cycles.


We supply a wide range of metals and alloys in different forms and shapes (bars, tubes, in standard or non-standard sizes). As a global supplier of Stainless steels, general engineering steels and metal products, LOC serves all kind of industries including petrochemical, chemical, construction, medical and pharmaceutical. Our experts understand your projects and can recommend solutions to save time and expense. With technicians and engineers on staff, we are positioned to understand the characteristics you need to achieve and recommend the optimal solutions. LOC is able to supply raw, semi-finished or finished metal components.

We're always looking
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We rely on a large network of suppliers to provide the merchandise and solutions our clients need and expect.
We are constantly looking to expand our selection by establishing partnerships with new suppliers. We will be glad to hear from your company, and the products and services you offer.

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