LOC Industries

LOC Industries is a global provider of industrial goods, machinery supplies and food ingredients. Our multi-disciplinary team combine technological knowhow and engineering expertise with major industrial brands and the latest technologies to supply our clients with advanced and customised services and solutions.


An important and sustainable competitive advantage we offer is the sincere and long-term relationships we develop with our clients and trusted sources.
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LOC Industries specialise in raw materials and industrial supplies, industrial machinery and spare parts, industrial engineering, and agro food solutions.
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LOC Industries has been a key supplier to the Canadian food and drinks industry for over 10 years, with a tradition of innovation, reliability and safe supply of quality food ingredients.
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Our people
make the difference.

I really believe that our people make the difference. I recognise that the success and growth of LOC Industries has been closely linked to the talent and the high levels of expertise of our engineers, employees and partners.

~ Richard Tanguay, President

We work in partnership with our suppliers to deliver high quality solutions to meet your business requirements.


Our team includes engineers, planners, project managers and project engineers, commercials, technicians, procurement experts, logistic coordinators and financial specialists. All with high levels of expertise.


We're always looking
for new partners.

We rely on a large network of suppliers to provide the merchandise and solutions our clients need and expect.
We are constantly looking to expand our selection by establishing partnerships with new suppliers. We will be glad to hear from your company, and the products and services you offer.

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